Tomatoes are beautiful additions to soups, salads, and eggs, or eaten on their very own. There are additionally so many alternative sorts of tomatoes, too. Whether or not you go for cherry, grape, or one other tomato kind, they’re all nonetheless fruit.

Farmers, cooks, and nutritionists may all have different solutions to this query. Tomatoes match the scientific definition of fruit as they type from a flower and comprise seeds. So botanically, tomatoes are fruit following each the USDA and Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Earlier than issues get too dicey, it is advisable to know the definition of fruit, additionally: “the normally edible reproductive physique of a seed plant; particularly one having a sweet pulp,” per Merriam Webster. The tomato plant—which is different from tomatoes themselves—is a seed plant that grows the red, delicious tomatoes individuals know and love. Though tomatoes aren’t recognized for being as candy as different fruit, they’re not as bitter as some greens. With this definition in thoughts, every little thing from peppers to cucumbers are additionally fruit, whereas carrots and potatoes will not be.

Even with these definitions, some individuals nonetheless declare tomatoes are greens—and so they’re not unsuitable. It’s because a “vegetable” is a type of catch-all time that leaves room for interpretation with regards to cooking and eating.

There’s an enterprise purpose for calling tomatoes fruits, too. In 1893, Congress handed a tariff act placing a 10% tax on complete greens. So, to keep away from paying the price, retailers claimed that tomatoes are fruit. A call made by the Supreme Court for the case agrees that tomatoes need to be categorized as a vegetable as an alternative of fruit for “functions of commerce and commerce” since folks eat them like vegetables, studies. This implies, legally talking, tomatoes are vegetables.

The underside line is that tomatoes are each vegetable and fruits—fruits by science and vegetables by cooking custom. It doesn’t matter what you need to name them; they’re a wholesome possibility stuffed with fiber, vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants.