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Fat-filled Milk Powder Market Size, Analysis, Share, Research, Business Growth and Forecast to 2027

Fat-filled Milk Powder Market Overview, Growth Rate, Revenue, Competitive Landscape, Drivers, Share, Size and Top Key Players Analysis: Lactalis Ingredients, Fista Group, CP Ingredients, Prolac, FrieslandCampina N.V., Senel and Co. and other key drivers analysis with the regional segment.

Blending the high quality skimmed milk powder with vegetable fat yields fat-filled milk powder. The powder is spray-dried in order to easily reconstitute the product. The resulting powder has the same physical, chemical and organoleptic properties as a whole milk powder. It helps reducing formulation costs for a product without any impact on its quality.

In most cases, the vegetable fats used are palm oil, coconut oil or copra oil, in quantities varying from 26-28%. Low protein fat-filled milk powders are generally used for the reconstitution of milk in dairy beverages while high protein fat-filled milk powders are used for yogurt, curd, and cheese production. The growing popularity of healthier dairy products is driving the demand for vitamins and minerals fortified fat-filled milk powders.

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The Fat-filled Milk Powder product is enriched with vitamins A and D to meet nutritional needs and has been specifically developed for yogurt applications and beverages. The company mainly showcased the product as a response to the growing demand for healthy, better-for-you cost-effective dairy products across the globe. The growth of the global market for fat-filled milk powder is primarily driven by the rising demand for an affordable alternative to whole milk powder. Fat-filled milk powders have extensive applications in the manufacturing of the range of dairy products.

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Top Key Players of Fat-filled Milk Powder Market:-

  • Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods,
  • Lactalis Ingredients,
  • Fista Group,
  • CP Ingredients,
  • Prolac, FrieslandCampina N.V.,
  • Senel and Co., Fonterra Ltd.,
  • Deli Dairy FZE
  • Alpen Food Group B.V.

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The constant changes in consumer preference with the emergence of healthy food products and exotic flavors are expected to boost the global Fat-filled Milk Powder Market growth in the coming years. Also, the increasing adoption of food delivery services, namely, Zomato, Swiggy, and Deliveroo across the globe is one of significant trends that would accelerate growth with time. Apart from that, the introduction of convenient packaging, such as bowl-based food items featuring kale and quinoa is anticipated to propel consumers to look for healthy and quick eating options. Therefore, key players are trying to better understand the lifestyle of their larger consumer bases for keeping up with their changing preferences.

COVID-19: Shutdown of Restaurants and Cafes May Hinder Growth

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide has taken a toll on the Fat-filled Milk Powder Industry. Almost every offline food chain, such as cafeterias and restaurants are shut down completely in various countries. But, online food delivery services are still under operation. In addition to this, companies manufacturing packaged food and beverages are exhibiting a high rate of sales because of their possession of certain beneficial properties. These products have long shelf-lives and hence consumers are stocking up their pantries, fearing the lockdown.

Key Industry Developments:-

  • In July 2019, Friesland Campina started the production of its own instant fat-filled powder in Netherlands. The company announced Numidia BV as its worldwide distribution partner for fat-filled powders.
  • In February 2019, NZMP, the global dairy ingredients business of Fonterra launched fat-filled milk powder in Gulf Food Festival, UAE to meet the growing demand for protein in Middle East and Africa.

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