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Artificial Casing Market Growth, Size, Demand, Trends, Insights and Forecast 2027

The major advantage of collagen casings is their uniform size, shape, and strength. The major players are expanding the production of collagen casing to cater to the growing demand. For instance, in December 2019, Viscofan Group has acquired the casing collagen division from the Japanese company Nitta Casings, Inc. which is specialized in the production and distribution of collagen products for the pharmaceutical, food and industrial sectors.”

The Global Artificial Casings Market is witnessing significant growth owing to the strong growth of the global meat industry. The rising demand for animal proteins attributed to their nutritional benefits is driving the growth of the casings market. The artificial casing is the material that encloses the filling of meat sausage. Artificial casing market has undergone tremendous development in the past few years due to the robust demand for meat sausages. The basic materials used for artificial casing are collagen, cellulose, or synthesized films such as nylon. The higher cost, lesser availability of raw materials, and challenges involved in sourcing the animal intestines for the production of the natural casing is contributing to the growth of the artificial casings market.

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The recent growth of the artificial casing market is also attributed to the expansion of the foodservice sector across the globe. The increasing availability of frozen meat products across various distribution channels is driving the growth of the meat packaging market including artificial casings. The development of a variety of artificial casings with different shapes, sizes, and appearances is attracting the wider consumer base. Technological advancements to improve the process and overall production of artificial casings is anticipated to boost the market growth in foreseeable years.

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In March 2017, Kalle GmbH introduced innovative artificial casings in the market called, value-added casings. Unlike the existing artificial casings, newly added value-added casings eliminate entire production steps by transferring smoke, color, and seasoning to the filling surface. As a result, production costs are reduced by up to 20 percent and product safety is improved, addressing rising nutritional trends among consumers. The increasing innovation, process improvement activities, and new product developments in artificial casing industry are primarily driving the growth of the market. The companies are developing innovative products that attend to the rising health trends such as clean-label products. The manufacturers are focused on developing newer varieties of artificial casings to offer solutions that are cost-effective and increase production efficiency.

Top Key Players ofArtificial Casing Market:-

  • Viscofan Group,
  • Viskase Companies, Inc.,
  • Devro Plc,
  • DAT-Schaub Group,
  • Shenguan Holdings,
  • Nippi, Inc.,
  • Nitta Casings, Inc.,
  • Selo B.V.,
  • Visko Teepak Holding Ab Ltd.,
  • Kalle GmbH,

The Global Artificial Casing Market Report contains Industry revenue, share, and production of the service providers is also mentioned with accurate data. Moreover, the global market report majorly focuses on the current developments, new possibilities, advancements, as well as dormant traps. Furthermore, the market report offers a complete analysis of the current situation and the advancement possibilities of the market across the globe.

This report analyses substantial key components such as production, capacity, revenue, price, gross margin, sales revenue, sales volume, growth rate, consumption, import, export, technological developments, supply, and future growth strategies.

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The demand for herbal products is increasing among consumers on account of the rising popularity of plant-based nutrition. Alfalfa grass was only utilized for animal feed initially, but in the past few years, it has gained popularity for developing various nutrition products intended for human consumption. Alfalfa is a great restorative tonic that detoxifies and alkalizes the body. It is rich in digestive enzymes and has traditionally been used to aid digestion and build up strength. It is now increasingly being used as an ingredient in supplements and functional food and drinks, often in combination with other natural ingredients with perceived health benefits. The increasing use and rapidly growing market of herbal medicines and other herbal healthcare products, in both developing and developed countries, is driving the global Artificial Casing market.

Key COVID-19: Shutdown of Restaurants and Cafes May Hinder Growth

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide has taken a toll on the Artificial Casing Industry. Almost every offline food chain, such as cafeterias and restaurants are shut down completely in various countries. But, online food delivery services are still under operation. In addition to this, companies manufacturing packaged food and beverages are exhibiting a high rate of sales because of their possession of certain beneficial properties. These products have long shelf-lives and hence consumers are stocking up their pantries, fearing the lockdown.

Key Industry Developments:-

  • In November 2018, Viscofan Group acquired Globus Group Viscofan’s distributor in Australia and New Zealand. This acquisition will strengthen the company’s geographical footprint.
  • In January 2017, Viskase Companies, Inc. acquired Walsroder Casing Group, Germany. This acquisition will strengthen and complement Viskase’s broad product line of fibrous and plastic casings, and provide additional production capacity for all of Viskase’s key markets.

Report Analysis and Objectives:-

  • Detailed information about drivers, opportunities, and restraints of the Artificial Casing market analysis.
  • To analyse the Artificial Casing Market concerning growth trends, demand, growth prospects in the entire sector.
  • Worldwide Artificial Casing Industry manufacturing companies, product sales, market share, size, landscape, SWOT analysis and development plans.
  • The report evaluates the market share for each application, segment, region and estimates their growth during the forecast period.

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