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Yale Study Finds Over Half of Americans Wish to Shift to Plant Based Food

Research from Yale University says over half of Americans are keen to eat more plant-based meals; however, 4 in 10 still don’t see how plant-based diets reduce environmental impacts.Yale Study Finds Over Half of Amercans Wish to Shift to Plant Based Food

Regionally, meat lovers, produce fans, a rancher, and grocers offered differing perspectives concerning the issue.

Globally, changes to food production and consumption are essential to reducing global warming and different environmental impacts, based on the research, which was printed on February 13. Overall, Americans seem keen to shift to more veggies, fruit and plant-based meat and dairy alternatives – as long as cost and taste aren’t an issue.

Researchers from the Yale program and the Earth Day Network performed the nationally representative survey of 1,043 individuals in a study called “Climate Change and the American Diet.” The Earth Day Network, an environmental advocacy nonprofit, initiated the study.

First, food production is among the primary sources of the greenhouse gas emissions that trigger global warming, the examine says.

Meals manufacturing generates 9% to 30% of the total world greenhouse fuel emissions. However, the share varies relying on how emissions are measured, in line with several analysis articles and the Environmental Protection Agency.

It is also a significant contributor to biodiversity loss, deforestation, freshwater use, and land-use change, the study read.

Beef, lamb, and dairy products, in addition to farm-raised crustaceans, tend to generate the highest greenhouse gas emissions per gram of protein in contrast with other meals products.

However, nationally, many Americans don’t understand the connection between their food choices and environmental impacts.


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