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Washington Legislators to Ban Styrofoam Food Containers

Legislators plan to eliminate using styrofoam food-service products in Washington state by enacting a bill to cease their sale and distribution.Washington Legislators to Ban Styrofoam Food Containers

Senate invoice 6213, financed by Senator Mona Das, D- Kent, and its companion House Bill 2429 intends to bar the sale and distribution of polystyrene products, also called styrofoam, in the meals service sector.

This bill would apply to food containers, cups, packing peanuts, styrofoam ice coolers, and other food-service items. Containers for raw foods items, such as eggs and meat, could be excluded.

Styrofoam takes years to decompose and is harmful to the atmosphere, particularly to any wildlife that comes in contact with it.

People talking in favor of the ban say birds and marine mammals eat styrofoam, mistaking it as food.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NEHC) cites a Nationwide Toxicology Program report that lists styrene, which is present in styrofoam products, such as carcinogens.

Concerns had been expressed over the ban by people who feared the loss of jobs that might result from passing the bill.

The legislation continues to move ahead within the Senate and shall be implemented later this year if it’s passed.

“My generation has the right to grow up on a planet that isn’t being poisoned,” stated Madison Decrescenzo, a pupil from Glenwood Elementary.


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