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The Coal Shed Gets a Good Meal Review

The basic consensus has at all times been that the higher the view, the worse the meals in a restaurant. Although that is likely to be much less accurate lately, it form of tallies that The Coal Shed is barely out of sight of Tower Hill, regardless of being a part of the One Tower Bridge improvement.

The offshoot of the profitable and properly-preferred restaurant of the identical identify in Brighton, and the primary focus right here is on – you guessed it – roasting over charcoal. It provides off the impact of being a steak home, although the menu goes far past, notably at brunch.

The headline act, nonetheless, isn’t that a lot of a departure: a surf and turf meal for two, with a seemingly endless checklist of meats and fish, included.

You’re handled to aged sirloin, a bacon chop, smoked black-pudding, scallop and pork-belly skewers, tiger prawns, mussels cooked with nduja. All of that’s served with fried eggs on prime, to make it more brunch-like.

The very first thing to say is it is a lot of meals. And it’s new turf than surf; however, it’s nonetheless excellent worth, taking into account the decently top quality of the components and the nice degree of cooking.

Don’t plan on going to the close by Bridge Theatre for a matinee present straight after, for worry of falling asleep. With that out of how, it’s best to know that the prawns and mussels are deliciously ready, liberally spiced, and dotted with that nduja. It’s each a delicious addition to the meal and a welcome diversion from the fatty and meaty notes pervasive all through.

That’s all the way down to the various cuts of meat on the desk. It’s an order straight out of Man v Food, full with Adam Richman weighing the dish it’s offered on and making terrifying faces.

There needn’t be any cause to be scared; the sirloin, specifically, is excellent – providing a deep umami flavor from the aging course of whereas being nicely-seasoned. The charcoal cooking offers it a very crusty exterior, which provides an option to entirely medium uncommon beef. The black pudding can be dealt with very well, smoky without being overwhelming.

The one misstep is the pork stomach, which comes skewered with (superb) scallops and grilled. It suffers compared, with not one of the crispiness of crackling you anticipate.


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