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Israel Is Experiencing a Whiskey Revolution

The Cold War was initiated by one salient perception held by the Americans: The Domino Theory. This was the idea that if one nation fell to communism, then these round them can be toppled by the left in turn.

The inception of the 21st century has seen it’s very personal Domino Theory play out within the drinks business, and its very own collection of revolutions – the craft revolutions.

Beer was the primary to go; this had been effervescent away for many years within the states, Lagunitas Brewing Company founding its cell in 1993, the motion exploded via Europe within the final decade.

After the beer was conquered, beanie-wearers and people with ironic mustaches turned their hipster glasses to the next night out – gin. The gin trade was blitzkrieged, and rum is about to signal a treaty that leaves it comparatively unaltered so long as long because it joins the Speakeasy Cocktail Corps.

However, one traditional tipple has at all times remained at arm’s size, untouchable and impartial – whiskey.

If any whiskey was altered as beer and gin have been when their constitutions had been rewritten (some drastic technique and recipe departures), then it could not be a whiskey, merely a liqueur. The parameters for whiskey are too slender (it have to be aged in oak, it should be aged this a few years and should comprise this a lot of that) and admittedly, if it is not broke, don’t repair it.

And due to these restrictions, a craft whiskey revolution appears inconceivable, so it’s apt that the place the revolution seems to be underway is the final place you’d look, a spot seemingly unimaginable to distill whiskey: Tel-Aviv.

The Tel-Aviv climate is hostile. It has around 300 days of daylight, temperatures of 40C, and humidity ranges reaching 90%, which all fuse collectively into an oppressive vapor that leaves the air within the streets a thick, tobacco, and salt-laden soup.

If you happen to navigate this soup, within the shadow of Maccabi Tel-Aviv’s stadium, 10 minutes’ stroll from the traditional port metropolis of Jaffa, is the M&H Whiskey Distillery.


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