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Häagen-Dazs Introduces New Whiskey Hazelnut Latte Flavour

Summer came early when Häagen-Dazs confirmed the reports this week that it is long-rumored Rosé & Cream flavor was a reality.Häagen-Dazs Introduces New Whiskey Hazelnut Latte FlavourHowever, Rosé & Cream was one of two new flavors being included in the ice cream brand’s boozy Spirits Assortment.

If one is not yet prepared for the return of Rosé all day, he/she can dive face-first into a carton of its sibling: Whiskey Hazelnut Latte.

Ribbons of chocolate espresso flakes and hazelnut fudge are wrapped into this whiskey-infused espresso ice cream, which retails for $5.49 per pint. Remaining faithful to the gathering, the latest addition is 0.5 % alcohol by quantity.

Whiskey Hazelnut Latte and Rosé & Cream will be a part of the six pints made with bourbon, Irish cream, rum, and stout that are already a part of the Spirits Collection.

The flavors include Bourbon Praline Pecan, Bourbon Vanilla Bean Truffle, Irish Cream Cookie Squares, Rum Tres Leches, and Stout Chocolate Pretzel Crunch.

There is the Amaretto Black Cherry Almond Toffee pint for those hunting a non-dairy option. The Spirits Collection was first brought in the U.S. in 2019.


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