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DoorDash Turns Tattoo Regrets into Food On Valentine’s Day

DoorDash gave real thought to its Valentine’s Day promo this year. Instead of going the classic route with something centered around dinner for two, chocolate, roses, it zeroed in on those nonetheless hurting from broken connections and have the ink on themselves to prove it.

DoorDash Turns Tattoo Regrets into Food On Valentine's Day

The delivery service collaborated with a famous artist to fly people out to California to get present tattoos of their ex-partners’ to name turned into a meals tattoo.

Tattoo artist Mister Cartoon aka Mark Machado, helped transform the tattoo regrets. Machado has tattooed some of the favorite celebrities like Kobe Bryant, Eminem, Beyoncé, and Travis Scott, to name a few.

Having worked with corporations like Nike and Vans, too, he has quite a lot of collaboration opportunities thrown his way. He selected this one because he may very well be artistic, and he uses DoorDash.

Anyone with an ex’s name on their body needed to post a photograph of their tattoo on Twitter and say what meals they wanted it transformed to and why.

Three lucky and heartbroken winners had been picked. The tattoo transformations involved pizza and sushi, breakfast foods, and a bowl of Hungarian Cherry soup for a woman whose Hungarian ex left her to go back to Hungary.


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