Costco Alters Open for All Food Court Policy

Costco has a brigade of loyal fans for lots of reasons. It has a tasty bakery section, bulk products that nobody else has, and relatively low prices. However, the most effective part about Costco is that their food court is open for all.

Costco Alters Open for All Food Court Policy

But recently, Instagrammer @CostcoDeals shared a photo of a sign that reads ones who haven’t subscribed to Costco will lose access to the food court starting in about 30 days.

People had been understandably devastated in the comments. After all, the Costco meals court is residence to treats like hot dogs and pizza beloved by everybody.

@CostcoDeals cleared that this may vary by location; however, later added, it had been confirmed as part of a large launch. Costco did not comment on the matter.

Nevertheless, it seems like this has been confirmed by, which reported a similar statement to the one on the sign.

Some people have weighed in on posts about the reform, saying that various Costcos have had similar policies in place already. Nonetheless, it does seem like this report could be part of a larger change, as other people who recognized themselves as Costco employees in the comments @CostcoDeals’ Instagram stated they have been told recently of the policy.

In case this spurs anyone to join Costco, subscriptions begin at $60 a year. Otherwise, they will need to savor the tasty hot dogs and churros.


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