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Coco Cola Tastes Better in Glass Bottles

Whereas the parents at Coca-Cola declare that their drink tastes identical, whether or not it’s poured in a two-liter plastic bottle or a can, most individuals swear it feels higher when it is available in an icy cold glass bottle. Whereas the individuals of Coca-Cola make a high level that their secret method doesn’t change whether or not you’re taking a refreshing sip from a can or a bottle, it seems that the packaging itself may affect the style. In response to meals chemist Sara Risch, founding father of meals and packaging consultancy Science by Design, whereas the soda’s formulation stays the identical, the plastic, aluminum, or glass packaging can influence the flavor because the liquid reacts with polymers within the packaging, she told Popular Science.

To not offer you too many flashbacks to high school chemistry class, however, in keeping with Well-liked Science, polymers are the molecules contained in the packaging that may add properties to the fabric they’re utilized in. For instance, aluminum cans are lined with a polymer that may take in small quantities of taste and plastic bottles might switch acetaldehyde that may alter the best way a drink tastes. Glass is an extra inert material than both aluminum or plastic, so it’s much less prone to affect the flavor of your beverage. That’s why consuming out of a glass bottle will be the solution to get the purest Coca-Cola taste.

It’s necessary to notice that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) intently monitors food packaging to be sure that poisonous or harmful chemical substances don’t leach into meals or drink. That stated, the packaging is in fixed contact with the meals or drink that it holds. “Whereas packaging and meals corporations work to forestall any interactions, they will happen,” Risch says.

If you happen to can’t discover glass bottles and are compelled to decide on between aluminum and plastic, go for aluminum. As says, the carbon dioxide that offers Coca-Cola its trademark refreshing fizz is more more likely to leak out from plastic bottles than aluminum cans, as a result of plastic is far more CO2-permeable. If plastic is the one possibility, retailer the bottles in a cool darkish place out of the daylight—or purchase all of your Cokes from the fuel station cold on a hot day and drink the two-liter bottles for Coca-Cola cakes.


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